Paris Cheese and Wine Tasting Lunch

A 90-minute cheese and wine tasting lunch in Paris

Enjoy the true French gourmet pair in one afternoon. Give your legs a rest and your palate a treat.

Price: $165.00

Show Times and Information

Show Times: Sunday to Friday:  8:15 pm & 10:45 pm Saturday: 7:00 pm, 9:30 pm & 11:45 pm.

Price includes show ticket and a half-bottle of champagne per person*. Show and dinner option now available!

* Clients may choose a soft drink or water instead of champagne

About the Crazy Horse Cabaret

The Crazy Horse was opened in 1951 by avant-garde artist Alain Bernardin. Originally set as a racy burlesque show that featured musical and comedy acts, Le Crazy Horse has evolved into a spectacle of artistry and sensuality.

The original show moved from Paris to Las Vegas in 2001. The new Paris show "Desirs" picks up where the original left off and takes the show to a new level. Managing Director, Andrée Deissenberg says "it was never a matter of revolutionizing Le Crazy, we just had to evolve it, awaken it, make it sparkle again". Awaken it they have. "Desirs" is a true spectacle indeed.